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Sixth Form Prospectus 2017

Victory for Labour at Dane Court

P1020547 250pxThe people have spoken – at Dane Court Grammar School, at least. Students stood as candidates for election in each of the school’s six houses. A week of hustings at lunchtime was followed by the vote, which gave a resounding victory for Labour.

Engineering Education Scheme 2017

ees17a 250pxFrom October 2016 right through to today’s celebration and assessment event at the University of Kent Canterbury two teams of IB students have been working with local engineering companies to develop solutions to real-world issues.
They were taking part in the Engineering Education Scheme which brings together enthusiastic students and practicing engineers in a way that encourages problem-solving, team-working and project management. The Scheme consists of several phases, each designed to develop the students’ understanding of the engineer’s role in industry and commerce.
For the 2016-2017 season, Dane Court formed “Team Hilger” and “Team Instro”.
Team Hilger worked with Hilger Crystals with the aim of developing a more efficient process for managing the results of their quality assurance test data.
Team Instro took on a challenge set by Instro Precision. This involved making a marketing demonstrator to showcase one of their surveillance platforms.
Both teams worked with company engineers on the two-day workshop at the University of Kent Canterbury and returned to the venue for the final celebration and assessment day.
Team Hilger said the taking part in the scheme was “a great insight into the world of business and a marvellous opportunity to develop some completely new skills.”

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Election Question Time - politicians feel the heat

MO1L5068 250pxDane Court Grammar School students experienced the hub-bub and tension of the general election in school on Friday 28 May. Hosted by the school, it was the first hustings event in South Thanet, owing to the Manchester bombing. Parliamentary candidates of all the major parties attended: Craig Mackinlay (Conservative), Raushan Ara (Labour), Jordan Williams (Liberal Democrat), Trevor Roper (Green) and Stuart Piper (UKIP). Parliamentary candidates hoping to be MP for South Thanet joined student candidates for a lively debate in front of an audience of 320 students and staff.

Eloquent magazine - issue 1

Who are we following deep into the heart of the forest?
What demons or monstrous creatures stalk the trees?


Last week saw the publication of the first edition of 'Eloquent', Dane Court's new creative writing themed magazine. The first edition, entitled 'By Candlelight', has been written and edited by a talented team of Year 12 students, with other submissions coming from students in Key Stage 4. With the pupils' continued hard work, the magazine will become a regular feature at the school.

The publication contains an extremely impressive breadth of styles of writing, ranging from crafted short stories and amusing book reviews to insightful political comment and analysis. The publication showcases the impressive literary skills of our pupils and is testament to their team work and organisation.
Most importantly, it's an extremely good read.

Read Eloquent magazine (all issues)

The team

Sports Day is on its way

race 900px

A message from Mr Wallace

Dear Parent/Guardian

Like most secondary schools, Dane Court has an annual Summer Sports Day. However, that is where the similarity ends. Our Sports Day actually takes place over one and a half days.
Athletic ‘Field Events’ take place during the morning of the first day, then Athletic ‘Track Events’ and Team Games run throughout the second day.
Although Sports Day is the largest ‘House’ competition of the year, and fiercely contested by all performers, it is also the only event where every student participates and plays their part.

We realise that some students do not enjoy athletics and so each year group has a ‘striking’ team game. Unlike the athletics where the competitions are single gender, the team game is a mixed gender activity. Year 7 play Rounders, Year 8 Stoolball, Year 9 Cricket and Year 10 Softball.
The success of the day is always due to the fantastic response from the students. Students have to organise themselves during Sports Day, making sure their form teams are organised and that they get to events on time. They are given a great deal of freedom during the ‘main’ day and I am never disappointed with their effort and behaviour which is always superb.
The sense of community is immense, with all staff involved in the smooth running of the day. Sports Day is my favourite day of the year because the whole school is taking part in one activity. And, of course, I’m just a little biased when it comes to sport!

All parents are welcome to watch some, or all, of Sports Day. The day is very informal. When you arrive please sign in at the main office. If you are not sure where to go to spectate ask any student/member of staff. We do not provide seating – feel free to bring a rug or folding seat.

The programme is shown below and can be downloaded here. We look forward to seeing many of you on the day.

crowd 900px


Friday 30 June 2017 - Pentathlon

Years 9 and 10 only
This will take place during Periods 1 to 4


Monday 3 July 2017 - Field

Order of events






 Long Jump

7 + 8 B

7 + 8 G

9 + 10 G

9 + 10 B

 Triple Jump

 9 + 10 B

 8 B




8 G

7 + 8 B

9 + 10 B

9 + 10 G


9 + 10 G

9 + 10 B

7 + 8 G

7 + 8 B

 Shot Put

9 + 10 B

9 + 10 G

7 + 8 B

7 + 8 G

 Rounders Ball





High Jump - This competition will start at 8.50am for all competitors


Tuesday 4 July 2017

Team sports

Order of play


Pitch 1

Pitch 2

Pitch 3


B v D

H v N

S v T


T v B

D v H

N v S


T v D

B v N

H v S

12.15 to 12.55

 L U N C H


D v N

S v B

H v T


D v S

B v H

N v T


Order of events




7G & 7B, 8G & 8B, 9B, 10B


7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B, 10G, 10B
6th Form Girls, 6th Form Boys


8B, 9B, 10B


4 x 100m ‘B’ Relays
7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B, 10G, 10B
Sixth Form, Mixed

12.15 to 12.55



8G, 9G, 10G


7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B, 10G, 10B


7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B, 10G, 10B


4 x 100m ‘A’ Relays
7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B, 10G, 10B


Staff v Yr12 Relay



*All timings are approximate

Music showcase concert

File 001 250pxVarious students came together to perform at the Music Showcase Concert on Friday 5 May at The Sarah Thorne Theatre, Broadstairs. There were a variety of different performances from classical to pop music from students in year 7 to year 13, and staff performances too. Evan Williams performed English Rose by Paul Weller and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, which he had also performed as part of his GCSE Music Solo Performance. Our international students Ingrid Myrland Johansen and Johanna Steinvorth performed a Ukulele duet of Dream a Little Dream of Me by The Mamas and the Papas.

Other performances included a Saxophone solo by Reuben-James Gilbert who performed Tango and Charleston by T. Hold. Ukulele group performed with two guest singers, Isabelle Mcgee performing Riptide by Vance Joy and Jack Wilkinson performing I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book. Among the pianists performing were Joseph Chesters performing Wedding at Troldhaugen by Edward Grieg and Mabel Naisbitt performing Tarentella (from Minatures, Op. 53, No.6) by S. Maykapar.

Congratulations to all who performed! Our next event will be our Choir Tour to Disneyland Paris during half term. Also see the Jazz Band performing at Quex Park on Sunday 2nd July from 12pm onwards.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Boot fairs

school front 250pxThe Dane Court Grammar School Parents Association's monthly boot fairs usually take place at the school from 6:30am on the second Saturday of each month with breaks over winter and during the summer holiday.

There's no need for stallholders to book, just turn up at 6:00am. £7 for cars and £10 for vans. The boot fairs open to general public at 6:30am and refreshments are available.

This year's events are as follows:

  • Saturday 13 May 2017
  • Saturday 10 June 2017
  • Saturday 8 July 2017
  • No August Boot Fair
  • Saturday 9 September 2017
  • Saturday 14 October 2017 (weather permitting)

Check our calendar for more details.

Diamond Day - 1 July 2017
Spanish Exchange 2017
General Election 2017 Question Time
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