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Sorrento house officials

Head of house
Mrs R Rolls
Deputy head of house

Miss Brears
House captainss captains15 Jack, Ellie, Oli

Year 7: Mrs Christensen
Year 8: Mr Mason and Mrs A Whelan
Year 9: Mr Clarke
Year 10: Mrs Radix 
Year 11: Mr Hutchings
Sixth form:
Mr Baker, Mr Dunn,
Mrs Leese and Mrs Whatley
Support staff
Mrs Barker

Tallinn house officials

Head of house
Mr Rye
Deputy head of house
Mrs Munday
House captains
t captains15Tom, Zainab, Ben

Year 7: Mr Buttery
Year 8: Miss Junaideen
Year 9: Mr Forward and Mr Pugh
Year 10: Mrs Newman
Year 11: Mrs Price
Sixth form:
Miss Jones, Mr Kelly,
Mrs Legge, and Mrs Weale
Support staff
Mrs Ives and Ms McGuire

Barcelona house officials

Head of house
Mrs Foulis
Deputy head of house
Mrs Wood
House captainsb captains15Jesil, Alice, Lucy

Year 7: Miss Cook
Year 8: Miss Barnes
Year 9: Mrs Moseling and Mr Hunter
Year 10: Mr Ballard
Year 11: Miss Hodgett
Sixth form:
Mr Butt, Ms Morris
and Mrs Walsh
Support staff
Mrs Baker and Mr Curry

Sports day 2019
PHOTO 2019 10 30 16 45 58 1
Kent Mountain Centre 2019

House Points

Barcelona Barcelona 117
Delphi Delphi 147
Helsinki Helsinki 152
Neuch√Ętel Neuchatel 137
Sorrento Sorrento 124
Tallinn Tallin 130