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h captains15I am more than happy to announce that after many year 12 sixth formers were charitable enough to put themselves forward to be voted this year, the new Helsinki House Captains are James Mileham, Nick Short, and me - Kiana Stevens. We are so grateful for everyone who has voted for us this year as it gives great confidence to know that so many of you have faith in what we believe we can achieve as a house this year. We hope that you feel comfortable enough to be more than happy to approach us about anything you feel that either would improve Helsinki, or that you have enjoyed, we also would love to get to know you all individually.

t captains15We would like to take the time to thank everyone who voted for us. We are honoured that you saw us as the best people to lead Tallinn in the house competitions over the next year. We believe that success is not coming first but instead it is achieving our full potential. We definitely have the potential to come in the top three and I hope with strong leadership and participation to the fullest extent we will achieve a good ranking.

Ben, Tom and Zainab

MO1L9574 250pxDane Court Grammar School's third inter-house climbing competition was completed in early December.

First: Neuchatel (1725 points)
Second: Helsinki (1522 points)
Third:Sorrento (1341 points)
Fourth:Barcelona (1275 points)
Fifth: Tallinn (1195 points)
Sixth: Delphi (753 points)

Top three climbers in each year are:

Year 7
First: James Scott (N)
Second: Aidan Holdford (T)
Third: Jacob Prentice (N)
Year 8
First: Jon Hart (N)
Second: Elizabeth Allen (D)
Third: Ciro Fierro (T)
Year 9
First: Eljoh Balajadia (S)
Second: Jason Talana (H)
Third: Joshua Escudier (S)
Year 10
First: Charlie Burgess (H)
Second: Sam Williams (B)
Third: Lily O'Brien (N)
Year 11
First: Rosalie Holden (S)
Second: Mitchell Barham (T)
Third: Bennet Kandathy (S)
Year 12
First: Tom Gutrige(B)
Second: Will Taker (S)
Third: Dan Goodbourn (N)
Year 13
First: Dominic Foord (H)
Second: James Topping (N)
Third: Oliver Crew (H)

Full details can be found here.

cancer research logo 250pxThe ever-generous Helsinki house community has voted to support another charity working hard to beat cancer. This year our charity helping sufferes by fighting cancer itself.
Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. They have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and survival has doubled over the past 40 years.

Holly, Dominic and Charlie climbed Snowdon on our climbing wallDane Court staff and students got a head start on this year's Sport Relief excitement.

The charity reckon that our area raised more than its fair share of cash in 2013 and invited us to put on a special day of physical fund raisers a full three weeks before the rest of the nation.
The PE department swung into acton organising an impressive range of challenges from staff versus students dodgeball and non-stop badminton to climbing a mountain on our school climbing wall.

Spanish Exchange 2017

House Points

Barcelona Barcelona 20
Delphi Delphi 31
Helsinki Helsinki 26
Neuchâtel Neuchatel 40
Sorrento Sorrento 47
Tallinn Tallin 31
General Election 2017 Question Time
Zambia 2016