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Onatti Theatre Spanish performance

OnattiOn Monday 16 January, some of our year 8, 9 and 12 students who are studying Spanish assembled in the theatre to watch the Onatti Theatre Company perform a wonderfully funny play, entitled 'Mi Personalidad (My personality)'. The play was delivered entirely in Spanish by two professional Spanish actors. The students absolutely loved it and were talking in Spanish afterwards. When they were first told about the play, they were a little apprehensive about how much they would be able to understand so it was brilliant to see them engaged and participating during the performance.
The play is all about identity. It’s Fernando’s first day at University and he is trying to make friends, however, it doesn’t go well at all, and so, he tries out different personalities with the help of a mysterious acquaintance…
Here’s what some of our students said:
“We were happily surprised to see how engaging the show was. There was a good balance of educational and entertaining aspects.” - Year 12 ab initio students.
“It was so entertaining and really easy to understand and follow.” - Year 9 student.
“It was very funny, the comedy was perfect and the props were really good”. - Year 9 student.
We are so glad that students enjoyed the experience and we look forward to welcoming the Onatti Theatre Group back on the 9th of February when they will be performing a French play ‘Parlez-vous français?’ for some of our year 7 students.

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