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Ellie recommends recipe book

NoshForStudents 250pxEllie in year 9 has been cooking meals for her family to enjoy every week. She would like to recommend this book: NOSH for students by Joy May (NOSH BOOKS)

It is a fun and easy to use cookbook with a really wide range of recipes.
Mrs Leese also uses the NOSH recipe books and recommends them - there are several titles to choose from. She says: "The Nosh books are brilliant because they use simple step by step recipes with easy to find ingredients. Every recipe is costed and we haven't yet found a recipe in one of their books that doesn't work!"
And Ellie says: "I literally use it for everything. I have also made the Lemony couscous chicken and it is delicious". Mrs Leese says that she likes to cook the Italian soup (Page 53) and Spicy Coconut chicken (Page 111).

Recently, Ellie has cooked the chicken curry (Page 145) and Creamy chicken and mushroom (Page 37).



IMG 4693IMG 4692Chicken curry (left)

What went well? There was a lot of sauce - it was moist. The potato made it crispy and gave it more texture.
Even Better If... it was served with naan bread.

Creamy chicken and mushroom with rice (right)

What went well?
The combination of cream and mushrooms was delicious. So much flavour.
Even Better If... MORE!
Mrs Leese has a spare copy of this book if anyone would like to borrow it when we eventually get back to school.

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