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sorrento_flames_with_text_150pxWelcome to the new Sorrento page!  This will constantly be updated to let you know what's been going on within the house, how we are doing in house events and also information on upcoming events.  Got something you would like to see on here? We would love to hear from you!

On the right hand side of this page is the current house points.  The background colour of this box will change depending on which house is in the lead.  Let's make sure we have people turning up to every event to keep the box red!

Year 7 Lockdown Gallery
IMG 1312
Kent Mountain Centre 2019
Sports day 2019

House Points

Barcelona Barcelona 38
Delphi Delphi 21
Helsinki Helsinki 20
Neuchâtel Neuchatel 29
Sorrento Sorrento 26
Tallinn Tallin 18