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logo_green_150pxSo far there have been many Delphi Dragon of the week awards handed out to some of our outstanding Delphi students.  Each have been given a Delphi Dragon medallion and a certificate; they also get a week sitting in the comfy chair!

The winners so far are;

Charlie Stokes (Year 12)  Beth Humby  (Year 12)  Chloe Moran (Year 10)  Lizzie Rees (Year 11)  

Shane Wells (Year 9)  Poppy Mason-Smith (Year 11)  Morgan Lawrence (Year 7)

Chloe Bennett (Year 12)  Danie Carter (Year 10)  Lily Whitehead (Year 7)  Lucia Hoyle (Year 7)  

Adam Jones (Year 12)  Giovani Pesarini (Year 12)  Marah Hampton (Year 13)  

Molly Gallentree (Year 11)  Abigail Baker (Year 10) Madelene Sharker (Year 7)  

Edward Baker (Year 7) Nicola Roberts (Year 11) Natalie Stafford (Year 11)  

Ellison Hall (Year 12)  Sophia Krunic (Year 12) Lily Price (Year 12)

Elizabeth Vincent won the Dragon of the Term award for the Autumn term.

There is still plenty of time for you to get your name up on the wall of fame so if you or one of your friends has done something fantastic this week let your mentor know and maybe you will be "Dragon of the Week".

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