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Seven steps to feedback heaven

MO1L1717 250pxI write this on the train returning home from an Osiris conference on Teaching and Learning. On our CSE course led by myself and Abbey we encourage delegates to identify 'Golden Nuggets' in every session that will be useful to them in their context so here is one of my Golden Nuggets!

One of the Keynote speakers was James Nottingham, his talk, 'How can we know what will make the biggest difference to learning?' focused on how we transform the work of Stivi's educational crush John Hattie into high impact learning in the classroom. As we know Hattie's findings show meta cognition (thinking about your thinking) and feedback as the top two high impact strategies.

7 steps to feedback heavenNottingham summed up feedback in his 'Seven steps to feedback heaven':

Set goals - make success criteria clear and ONLY give feedback against those success criteria.
Students produce draft 1 - make sure they know it is the first draft, call it Draft 1 so they know it will change, be improved upon, will not be graded (yet).
Self and peer assess draft 1 - against the success criteria set in in number 1.
Draft 2 - this could be additions/changes perhaps made in a different colour. This work should be the top end of what the student can produce without your input.
Teacher feedback (verbal only?) - Nottingham suggests forget two ticks and a wish instead; advice, advice, advice. Perhaps; 'leave it, change it, go on to...'
Finalise work - again could introduce a new colour again (this satisfies the 'acting on feedback' that we should all be striving towards).
Grade - this allows all feedback to be taken in and acted upon rather than simply noting the grade and moving on. Nottingham suggests that if you've got the success criteria right in step one, the students should be able to grade each other's work.

Hope this is useful to you, Abbey and I shall be adding to the CSE (Challenging Students to Excel course) many things we have encountered today. Our next course starts after Easter, let us know if you're interested in joining it!

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