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DSC00660 150px45 sixth form students and staff visited the European Parliament in Brussels on 4 December as guests of Catherine Bearder MEP. As well as meeting Catherine, they also met Bill Newton Dunn, MEP for the East Midlands. They asked questions about and discussed at length a number of political issues including why young people don't vote and whether Scotland will be able to join the EU if they vote no in the forthcoming independence referendum. The trip ended with the students visiting the Grand Place and Christmas market in Brussels centre.

P1070092 200pxYear nine students who participated in the week-long visit to Kent County Council's outdoor education centre have just returned; tired but happy.

As part of the week's activities they maintained a daily blog for each group.

Details of their adventures, including many more photos, can be found here.

122 150pxYear 9 student Kirstie Higbee and Tim Norman report on Dane Court's ski trip to the Pila A'osta Valley which took place during the Easter holiday:
The trip started out at 5:00pm on a sunny Saturday. The coach arrived, later than everyone else; thankfully Miss Brears had arrived already! We loaded our suitcases onboard and told the parents to evacuate! (because we had to shut the gates after us) and as the coach left the premises all the parents cheered.

q 150pxA fantastic Iceland trip again this year and the Northern Lights were kind enough to come out to play on the first night! Lava tubing fun; sledging on top of a glacier which itself was on top of the very active Katla volcano where technique was all important in the need for speed! Giant ice-bergs floating out to sea in gigantic Atlantic waves with seals playing amongst the 'bergs; walking behind waterfalls; ice-walking on glacial snouts; the biggest waterfall in Europe; 'ice candles' hanging from the black cliff gorge that inspired Tolkien; meeting the man that seems to know every Hollywood action movie star there is and has even skied the opening sequence to a James Bond film;

Kent Mountain Centre 2016
Zambia 2016
Sports day 2016