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Sports scientists under test

On Friday 20 April the Dane Court Sport Scientists teamed up with Dan Stretch and Martin Southam from Canterbury Christ Church University to spend a day looking at how their bodies perform and learn. The day kicked off with a variety of laboratory-based physiological tests looking at lung function and performance, although many tried, only Wian Opperman could get close to Mr White. However later in the day the experienced Lewis Ray managed to prove that youth is an advantage when it comes to reactions, ensuring that Mr Wallace, Mr White and Miss Riley finished well down the leader board on the reaction-timing T-Wall. Luke Dawson took on the challenge of completing a VO2 max test along with Wian Opperman, they both scored highly and hopefully with this added information should improve their personal performances on the track and on the rugby pitch.

Other highlights in the morning included a chance to experience the bodpod and a Wingate power test, with Kris, Beth, Louise and Bradley all doing well. The afternoon session were delivered by the charismatic Martin Southam, whos love for psychology became infectious, as the pupils looked at how they can apply learning theories to a practical coaching situation. A good time was had by all and hopefully this will kick start some vital revision over the next few weeks. All the pupils would like to thank Dan and Martin and look forward to another session in the future.

Sports day 2019
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Kent Mountain Centre 2019