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bbc news report 250pxDane Court students joined forces with King Ethelbert school students for BBC News School Report. They worked hard to meet the deadline and see their presentations go live at 1600 GMT on News Day, Thursday 19 March 2015.

Our Day as News Reporters
By Amika (Dane Court Grammar School) and Lani (King Ethelbert School)
Today we spent the day producing a news report. First, we looked through the newspapers and chose the story we wanted to feature. After being split into broadcasters and writers, we set off to gather our information, facts and statistics. We got into pairs with a pupil from the opposite school and started to research our two stories. We then started to compose a written News report featuring our chosen topics. Once our reports and scripts were completed the Broadcasting team prepared to film. After a few rehearsals, we went live at two o'clock. The broadcast was successful and we really enjoyed our day being reporters because we learnt new skills and made new friends!

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The 'Things that Money Can't Buy' Raffle tickets will be on sale between Monday 9 to Friday 13 March at break-time in the N plaza.
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ZrbraCrossing 250pxAfter two years of campaigning The Dane Court Road Safety Team have been awarded a £4000 grant to spend on ways to improve road safety for our students. In addition, Year 11 students Katie Hatt, Ben Marshall, Tim Norman and Gowri Satish along with Jennifer Powers in year nine have also been successful in joining with a small number of other schools in the area to fight for the construction of a zebra crossing on a very busy part of Broadstairs Road.

We are proud to announce that the grant of £4000 (after much deliberation) has been spent on safety equipment lockers which have been installed in the bicycle sheds and electronic signs which will help to control traffic at the entrance and on the driveways of our school.

ZebrCrossingTeam 350pxOver the years we have been involved in meeting cabinet members debating the best ways to achieve safer roads, our local MP who invited us to the Houses of Parliament for a tour and a discussion in one of the committee rooms, road surveys in which we measured traffic speeds with a speed gun, and general meetings to which members of the public, politicians and representatives of The Twenty is Plenty Campaign were invited.

We very much want to recruit students from Key stage 3 to carry on our work and we look forward to supporting such a team through CAS projects which we will propose when we are in the sixth form at Dane Court.

rsb 250pxWe are excited to tell you that Dane Court Grammar School will be hosting the Deal-based Railway Swing Band for a marvellous evening of family entertainment on Wednesday 4 March 2015.

Looping the Loop
Zambia 2016