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IMG 3472 250pxYear 7 activities week was a mix of business studies, languages and Food Tech. Our main aim at the end of the project was to be able to serve food from France, Germany or Spain in the language of that country in our cafés.

Our languages were decided beforehand, therefore the foods we made in food tech were from the country where the language was spoken. For example we made pain au chocolat as one of the French dishes, paella in Spanish and apfelstrudel in German.

The business part of it was the creation of the prices, the name of the café and the design. We were given a gazebo for each of our countries to decorate with things from the nation. These would be used as a place to keep the food we made to be bought by our parents. The hall was filled with tables and chairs ready for our parents on Friday and decorated with facts about each of our countries.Speaking in the foreign language was a very important part of the week. For the duration of the café we were expected to communicate with parents and fellow pupils in the language we were learning. There were no exceptions for parents and phrase sheets were created for their use! Overall this project was a great success and we all had a brilliant time throughout the week.

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