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IBWorldSchoolResults just arrived? This is for you!

Dear Dane Court IB Students
Congratulations on receiving your amazing results. You should feel very proud of your achievements in this rigorous and demanding course.
If you need to discuss your results with a member of the sixth form team we will be available so please come to the sixth form office
A UCAS link to your results has been set up so that universities should have your results.


University Places
If you have met or exceeded your First Choice offer then the university should write to you to confirm your place shortly. You can telephone the relevant department to be reassured if you wish!

If you have not met your First Choice University offer, your First Choice University may still offer you a place, depending on a number of factors:

  • How many other students missed their offers for places
  • Any extenuating circumstances that could have affected your grades
  • How much your application impressed them when you applied

In all cases, you should telephone your First Choice University and speak to the Tutor for Admissions in order to plead your case. Most Admissions Tutors will only speak to you (rather than representatives such as the school or parents). Many Admissions Tutors will be unavailable at this time due to holidays. Last year a number of universities would not make their decision until Clearing opened (on A Level Results Day). Expect the same this year.
If you have not met your First Choice but met your Second Choice offer then the Second Choice University will hold your place open until the First Choice University has confirmed whether or not it will offer you a place.
If you have not met either offer and both your First and Second Choice Universities reject you, then you should telephone both universities to plead your case. The Second Choice University will only accept you after you have been formally rejected by your First choice so the process may take some time. If neither Universities offer you a place then you will enter Clearing. Before Clearing opens you can telephone around universities that you would be interested in, asking if they may have spaces in Clearing for your preferred subject. They will probably say no because they won't want to give the impression that they are not full, but at least you will have made a contact that you can renew in Clearing.
It is advisable to be available to contact universities, should you need to, on 18 August 2016, as Clearing begins on this day.

Clearing opens on the same day that A2 results become available, Thursday 18 August 2016. We will be in school to help everyone so do come in for advice. During Clearing universities fill remaining places on a 'first come first served' basis. If you have missed your offer, you should still telephone the universities to confirm whether or not you have been accepted.
It is important not to panic and rush into a university place on the 18th. It is unlikely that oversubscribed courses such as medicine or oversubscribed universities will have places available. In this case alternative courses and institutions will need to be considered. You should do your research, look at where institutions are and consider their options carefully. IB students are in an enviable position as by the time that Clearing opens they will have had considerable opportunity to research various courses of action in the light of their results. It is always possible to take a Gap Year and reapply through UCAS next year. The school will, of course, support all such applications. Members of staff will be available before the end of the summer term and on 18th August in school should you need support and advice.
If you have any questions or queries concerning results or clearing, guidance is available from school, in the National Press or on the Internet. Last year the vast majority of our students either exceeded or met the offers for their university choices. Those that were unsuccessful have found ways forward and are either attending or due to attend alternative institutions or courses. Clearing opens at 8am on 18 August 2016. In most cases A Level Students do not receive their results until after 9:00am but you can begin telephoning from before 9:00am. When you have found a university that will accept you, the place will not be confirmed until you have sent the university your 'Clearing Passport' – a link that UCAS sends to you once your First and Second Choice University rejects you formally.

Re-sits and Enquiries Upon Results
It is advisable to wait for the component marks of your examination subjects which will be available around the 7 July 2016 before discussing with your teachers which subjects to retake or for which subjects to request an "Enquiry Upon Results"'. Please come to the sixth form office for this information

If you wish to query your results you may apply for an "Enquiry Upon Results" (a re-mark). These are available for all subjects, including Extended Essays but are not available for multiple choice papers. The grade may be raised or lowered. If you wish to order an Enquiry Upon Result for any subject, you must inform the school in writing before 11 July 2013, including the fee for each Enquiry
Category 1: £81 per candidate per subject per level - all the externally assessed components are re-marked (it does not include multiple choice components and internal assessment).
Please note that separate cheques are needed for each re-mark request. Please address your Enquiry requests to Miss Aherne. Results from Enquiries will be made available to you by e-mail so it is imperative that you provide a valid e-mail address.
If you wish to order a photocopy of your marked papers, you must inform the school in writing before THURSDAY 14 July 2016, including the fee for each request
Re-sits are available for the IB Diploma. You may re-sit any of your examinations in November 2016. Your remaining marks will be carried forward from this examination session including all Internally Assessed work i.e. coursework. If you are successful in your re-sit for that subject your total Diploma grade will be amended. Please address your re-sit requests to Miss Aherne.
If you have any further queries relating to your results and your university offers please contact Ms Hale by 16 July 2016.

Thank you for all your help and support over the past two years. You are a wonderful year group, full of character and resourcefulness. It has been a pleasure to have you in the school and we are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best for the future!

With best wishes to you all

Ms Hale and Mrs Pickard

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