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Sixth Form Regulations

Students are asked to read these rules carefully.

Registration procedure

  • All SIXTH FORM students will be in school each morning in good time to attend their first lesson. Registration will take place in all lessons.
  • Parents will receive an automated text if a student does not register and has not indicated in advance that they will be absent.
  • Lesson registration
    • Staff will register each lesson electronically.
  • Absences Known in advance
    • All students must complete the necessary advance notice form available in the sixth form office otherwise their absence will be unauthorised.
    • All holidays will be treated as an unauthorised absence; however a holiday form must be completed prior to the departure.

Post 16 Bursary

Details of the bursary are available in the sixth form area of the website. If you think you might be eligible please pick up an application form from the sixth form office and submit before the end of September 2012. This funding will be allocated on a priority basis and the criteria are available on www.gov.uk.

Leaving the School Site

Students are expected to be on site all day unless they sign out in the main office.

  1. Driving lessons are permissible during lunch hours or free periods. Students must sign out when they go.
  2. If a student needs to leave school they must use the Signing Out book. This is in the main office.
  3. If a student is ill and needs to go home, they must first report to the Sixth Form Office, complete a form and then parents are contacted.

Cars, Bikes and Motorbikes

  • Students may park motorbikes inside the school gates in the designated area.
  • There isn't enough room for student cars inside the school car park; Fairfield Road or other areas must be used.
  • Bikes should be put in the safety cycle sheds; any other place is unsafe.


  • If students wish to use the sports facilities outside the timetabled Leisure lessons, they should see Mr Wallace. They should also wear appropriate kit.

Sixth Form Study Areas

  • Students should be aware of the needs of others and work quietly there.
  • A list of free rooms for every lesson of the week will be posted outside the sixth form office and outside the Library to permit Year 13 students who want to talk quietly about their work to do so.


  • There is no formal uniform and students are permitted to choose their own clothes for school.
    However extreme dress style is not appropriate in school and students will be asked to go home and change.
  • Hair colour must be within the normal range: extreme colours will be unacceptable.
  • For formal occasions such as open days and prize evenings students will be asked to dress formally.

These regulations are important to the wellbeing of the sixth form as a community within the school. Should there be any need for individual requests regarding any aspect of these rules students should in the first instance discuss their needs with Ms Hale.