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Less distress, more de-stress

stud sup 250pxDane Court teachers work with Oxford University on training students to be less stressed

We are delighted that Dane Court has been selected, by Oxford University, to participate in helping to develop a new programme of study which will hopefully help our students to build their learning power.

Much research has been undertaken which suggests that young people today are more anxious than they have ever been, because they worry too much about their immediate future and recent past whether it be concerns over the next test they will be taking or how many friends they may have on Facebook. These distractions create certain levels of anxiety and prevent young people from focusing on what is important at any particular time. This anxiety creates stress and an inability to concentrate on the present. By removing these stresses, so the research suggests, we can help young people build their learning power by training their brains to think with clarity.

Oxford University's psychology department will be helping a small group of Dane Court teachers to find ways, through their teaching, to develop this ability in our students to be clear thinking and focused, therefore helping our young people to be more resilient and independent in their learning.

As the programme develops, we will be sharing ideas and findings with other teachers, parents and students in our school.

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